What is MyTakeLive

Your "Take" is how you connect the dots. Whether it's a person, event, idea, news narrative, or anything else - you have your own way to put it all together. Summarize your take in this box (with blue border).
Each of the other boxes with yellow borders is one of the dots (or views) you are connecting. You can post an article, upload a graphic or photo, use video, rich text, and links in each view. You can give your own title to each of these and your own explanation to fit their narrative into your take.
This allows you to submerge their narratives within your take. You can then post your take to social media.

Upload a Graphic or Photo

Explain how this fits into your take here.

Post an Article

Explain how this fits into your take here.

Share to Social Media

Use the social sharing buttons above the title for your take. See how your take is featured. When your followers click on your social media post, they are brought here to see how these views fit into your take.

Add Video to Your Take

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